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Explore Mennonite Country

photo by Janet Dabbs

Hidden away just north of Lake of the Ozarks in rural Versailles, Missouri are over a hundred Mennonite businesses open to the public. Visitors can grab their bike or car and make stops along the trails for homemade baked rolls, freshly picked produce, and exotic spices at unbelievable prices.

If you drive east on Highway C from downtown Versailles, you will pass Lehman’s Restaurant, an authentic Mennonite restaurant serving some of the most delicious classic country cuisine such as mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and pies.

As you keep driving east on Highway C,  you will be surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, farms, and nurseries that depending on the time of year you visit, may be full of bright pink hanging baskets in the spring or mums in the fall. The Morgan County Seeds store is a great stop for gardeners to pick up local, organic, and unique seeds as well as hydroponic gardening tools.

There are a number of bulk grocery stores in Versailles such as Hoover’s, Dutch Country Store, anself-sufficient-booksd Sunrise Markets that offer discount prices on bulk grains, legumes, and herbs. Many of the shops also offer self sufficient and off the grid books such as gardening guides, cookbooks, and simple construction manuals. You will also find many portable structures that will have you dreaming of that custom tiny home cabin in the woods.

As you continue driving around, you will find many retail shops, fabric stores, homemade furniture, and more! We have listed some of the businesses in the map below to make it easier for you to find your way around. You can also pick up brochures at the Versailles Chamber office from 9am-5pm Monday – Friday. We hope you enjoy your stay!

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